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Founded in 2005, we are a non-profit organisation set up to deal with the pervasive but often overlooked issue of bullying faced by our children and youth. Contrary to popular belief, bullying can happen even when there is no physical injury involved and it is all the more also not something that will go away automatically if we just ignore it. While the actual acts of bullying faced by a victim may indeed stop after a certain period of time, the trauma faced by victims of bullying often follow them well into their adulthood.

It is with this concern that we are driven to do what we do here at CABCY. As a result, we have dedicated our efforts over the last decade trying to continuously advocate for proper prevention and intervention approaches when it comes to dealing with bullying. We have also sought to improve and refine these approaches through collaborative research works both globally and locally in Singapore. To this end, every dollar donated to CABCY will go towards furthering our advocacy and research efforts in addressing the issue of bullying, thereby ensuring that we manage to provide a voice for the often voiceless victims of bullying.CABCY has been working towards promoting awareness to the harms of bullying in Singapore through research and activities such as conferences, symposium, talks and workshops.

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