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G.E.M.   x   CABCY

Bullying comes in various forms across various platforms. Be it physically or over cyber space, they are just different iterations of bullying. Bullying hurts and can cause psychological and emotional stressors that can be very overwhelming to the victim.  Bullies tend to victimise their target for reasons such as envy, boredom, petty grudges or purely out of malicious intent. After 10 years of advocac and fully managed by a group of volunteers, CABCY is hoping to move forward by launching a donation campaign to raise S$500,000.00 to support the continued advocacy and intervention against bullying for the next two years.  It is hoped that many more people will give towards this effort to provide a safe place for children and youth to go to for help and support when bullied.  We welcome any amount of donation. With the little that CABCY has had for the past 10 years, we have yielded considerable success and were even instrumental to the formulation of several components in the Protection from Harassment Act in Singapore.  With more financial support, we believe that we can do more against bullying by further expanding our advocacy works in Singapore and beyond the region.


Art allows a person to express his or her past experiences, memories and inner emotions without the need to search for words.  The face mask activity conducted at the G.E.M. x CABCY event on Sunday successfully provided participants with an opportunity to express what they believe bullying can do to a person without words.  It was a beautiful Sunday morning with G.E.M., her fans and volunteers of CABCY where everyone got together in unison to encourage victims of bullying out there to “Break Free!” from the clutches of bullying with the message that we can be powerful if we stand together courageously.

This video is the product of volunteers who came together to create an audio visual message to victims of bullying to tell them that they are not alone and need not be trapped in silence about being bullied.  It is a powerful message with a call for victims to step out and break free from being bullied.  It is also a call to everyone to stand by them and lend their helping hand.  

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