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This page contains the links to some resources that can be used for anti-bullying education purposes.

Breaking the Silence: Bullying in Singapore

by Esther Ng, Ken Rigby


ISBN No.         : 978-981-4270-25-0

Publisher        : Armour Publishing

Published on  : 2010

Breaking the Silence draws upon the perception and reality about bullying as seen through the eyes of students, educators and parents from different parts of society. It provides a peek into what bullying is really like here in Singapore. 


In producing this book, the editors have included contributions from key experts in the field of education and psychology. Based upon true stories and large-scale surveys conducted with children in Singapore schools, it provides a comprehensive account of the nature and prevalence of traditional and cyber bullying in both primary and secondary schools. It examines the risk factors involved in bullying, for the victim, the bully and the community, together with the harmful consequences that affect victims and bullies as individuals, as well as families, schools and communities. The book discusses and recommends steps that schools can take to reduce or stop bullying among students. Finally, it considers the roles that parents and community leaders can play in adopting practical strategies and approaches to combat this serious problem.

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